Davially is a compassionate marriage and family therapist/counselor dedicated to walking alongside adults, couples, families, and college students through life's challenges. With a collaborative approach to counseling, Davially believes in building strong therapeutic relationships with clients to explore their current difficulties and develop a path to healing.

Having earned her master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2022, Davially is currently pursuing a PhD in the same field. She is a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness, continually seeking to expand her knowledge and skills through ongoing education and training. With training in systemic, collaborative, person-centered, and strength-based therapy, Davially is equipped to provide effective support to clients.

Davially specializes in addressing a wide range of challenges, from childhood and parenthood concerns to marital difficulties and everyday hurdles that life throws our way. Whether it's navigating trauma, anxiety, grief, culturally specific issues, college transitions, or relationship struggles such as cutoffs and infidelity, Davially offers support and guidance.

Drawing from a systemic perspective, Davially helps clients uncover patterns and communication techniques that promote healthier relationships and boundaries both within the family and individually. By delving into intergenerational patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and actions, clients gain insight into their challenges and find empowerment to create positive change.

Faith is the cornerstone of Davially's practice, and her favorite Bible verse, Isaiah 43:2, serves as a source of comfort and strength for both herself and her clients. It reminds her that even in the toughest times, they are not alone; God is with them, guiding them through stormy waters and empowering them to overcome.

Together with Davially, clients embark on a path toward healing, growth, and flourishing relationships.

Davially Frans Riley Christian Licensed Provisional Counselor

Davially Frans-Riley

Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor
Provisional Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

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